Soups & Salads


Clam Chowder 9      Corn Tortilla 10



House Salad 12

Spring Mix Lettuce/ Tomatoes/ Onions/ Cucumber/ Balsamic Dressing 


Caesar 14

Romaine Hearts/ Aged Parmesan/ Garlic Croutons/ Caesar Dressing   


Arugula  15

Honey Maple Walnuts/ Vermont Goat Cheese/ Sliced Gala Apple/ Dried Cranberries/ Raspberry Vinaigrette


Greek Salad 16

Romaine Hearts/ Tomatoes/ Cucumbers/ Red Onions/ Feta Cheese/ Capers/Marinated Pita Bread/ Greek Dressing


Falafel Salad 17

Homemade Falafel/ Onions/ Tomatoes/ Cucumbers/ Spring Mix Lettuce/ Yogurt Sauce



Protein: Chicken 9 / Shrimp 11 /  Lamb Gyro 8







Naked Wings 8 pc

Buffalo/ BBQ/ Mango Habanero/ Teriyaki/ Saratoga Blue Cheese 17


Boneless Chicken Tenders 5pc

Buffalo/ BBQ/ Mango Habanero/ Teriyaki/ Saratoga Blue Cheese 16


Cheese Steak Egg Rolls

Thin Sliced Sirloin/ Caramelized Onions/ White Cheddar/ Crispy Egg Roll Wrapper/ Kick’n Bayou Sauce 15


Shrimp Tempura 16

Shrimp/ Tempura Battered/ Sweet Chili Sauce


Mozzarella Sticks 14

Mozzarella Cheese/ Breadcrumbs/ Marinara Sauce


Buffalo Dip 14

Cream Cheese/ Cheddar Cheese/ Romano Cheese/ Buffalo Sauce/ Corn Tortilla Chips


Mediterranean Mezze 18

Hummus/ Tzatziki/ Dolmades/ Olives/ Roasted Red Peppers/ Feta Cheese/ Capers/ Marinated Pita Bread



Shoe String French Fries 8/ Shoe String Sweet Potato Fries 9/ Beer Battered Onion Rings 10/






All burgers are Organic Grass-Fed Braveheart Beef - 8oz fresh never-frozen burgers, served on a brioche bun or gluten-free bun with dill pickle and choice of French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings, or House Salad. 

Add Bacon $4 / Gluten-Free Bread for $3


The Classic 18

8 oz Beef Burger/ Lettuce/ Tomatoes/ Onions/

Choice of Cheese American/ Swiss/ Monterey Jack/ White Sharp Cheddar 


BBQ 19

8 oz Angus Beef / Organic New Hampshire Bacon/ Sharp White Cheddar/ Beer Battered Onion Rings/ Baby Ray BBQ Sauce


1620 Burger 19

8 oz Angus Beef / Organic New Hampshire Bacon/ Caramelized Onions/ Grilled Mushrooms/ Saratoga Blue Cheese


Fire Fighter 19

8 oz Angus Beef/  Organic New Hampshire Bacon/ Monterey Jack Cheese/ Jalapeños/ Kick’n Bayou Sauce


Peanut Butter Burger 18

8 oz Angus Beef/ Organic New Hampshire Bacon/ American Cheese/Peanut Butter/ 


Chicken Burger 17

Breaded Chicken Breast/ Organic New Hampshire Bacon/ Swiss Cheese/ Lettuce/ Tomatoes/ Mayo 


Beyond Plant-Based Burger 18

4 oz Beyond Burger / Lettuce/ Tomatoes/ Onions/ Pickle


Cape Coder 18

Battered Cod Filet/ Lettuce/ Tomato/ Lemon Garlic Mayo







All sandwiches are served on French Bread with French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings, or House Salad.

Add Bacon $4 / Gluten-Free Bread for $3


The Monument 18

Breaded Fried Chicken Breast/ American Cheese/ Lettuce/ Tomatoes/ Onions/ Pickles/ Mayo 


Cape Cod Reuben 18

Battered Fried Cod/ Swiss Cheese/ Cole Slaw/ 1000 Island Sauce


Fish & Chips 22

Battered Fried Cod/ Shoe String French Fries/ Cole Slaw/ Tartar Sauce


Buffalo Chicken 19

Grilled Chicken Breast/ Caramelized Onions/ American Cheese/ Buffalo Sauce/ Saratoga Blue Cheese


Veggie 17

Hummus/ Roasted Red Peppers/Goat Cheese/ Arugula/ Balsamic Dressing


Louisiana PO Boy 19

Tempura Shrimp/ Lettuce/ Tomatoes/ Pickles/ Kick’n Sauce/ Mayo


BLT 19

Organic New Hampshire Bacon/ Lettuce/ Tomatoes/ Onions/American Cheese/ Mayo 


Gyros 17

Choice of Lamb  / Grilled Chicken  / Falafel 

Tzatziki/ Tomatoes/ Onions/ House Special Marinated Pita Bread 




Fried Oreos 11 /  Strawberry Burst Cake  11 / Turtle Cheesecake 11/